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Your Leadership Coach

Stacey Larsen, Ed.D.

My style/approach:

  • Interactive and engaging.  
  • Blend of teaching & coaching 
  • A unique re-framing.  Redefining traditional leadership concepts and "shoulds" in ways that work for real people every day.  
  • I teach real people, not content.  I listen to what you want to take away from our time together.  I share concepts, tools, and techniques, and then help you customize them to your particular leadership style and situation.  While the tools and concepts may be the same, each class is different because the participants are different.
  • I will simultaneously support and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone (where the juiciest learning happens!).
  • Leave with more than notes that get dusty on the shelf!  I will help you put simple systems and processes in place to ensure sustainable change.

Knowledgeable in my field.  Well versed in theory and best practices.

  • Masters in Leadership from UW-Milwaukee
  • Doctorate in Leadership from University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis
  • Adjunct Faculty - University of St. Thomas
  • Ontological Coach - trained at Newfield Network
  • Trained in various assessments and techniques to support leaders' awareness and growth 

Real life experience.  Realistic and practical. 

  • A former middle school teacher - I'm prepared for anything!
  • 10 years as a Curriculum & Instruction leader in K-12 schools
  • Deep experience with change management, coaching, supervision and emotional intelligence
  • Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur.  Working with leaders and organizations in a variety of industries since 2008.
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