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Greetings, Leaders! I'm Stacey.


I help leaders & organizations trade in HUGE to do lists and training manuals for powerful habits that enable leaders to thrive in any situation.

(with simple practices you can implement today!)


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During this global pandemic: more than ever, leaders need to be adaptable and implement the kind of practices I’m mentioning here to face the new challenges. 

Sane and Sustainable Leadership will set you, your team, and your organization up for success to:

  • Provide the leadership team members need during times of change
  • Oversee performance and fully engage employees, even when working remote
  • Respond calmly and confidently no matter what gets thrown at them

So much of the Leadership advice is just “cookie cutter” solutions to the problem you’re facing.


They’re telling you “what to do” and to get all your leaders trained in formula x and voila!…

But like kids with candy….the quick sugar high can feel good for a moment, but these quick fixes don't last, and before you know it you/your leaders are back to old habits.

If you're like me, you've had this niggling feeling that a fundamental change is needed...a new leadership style...

Coaching is not something you take from the manual and just “roll out”...

A Coaching approach is what we need but... it’s typically not done in a sane or sustainable way in many organizations!

In truth… most organizations treat coaching as something you add on - hire a coach for someone, expect leaders to have coaching conversations with their employees...

Leaders resist (understandably)... And this is why:

Leaders' biggest roadblock is time....They don't have time to add coaching to their already overflowing to do list.....they see it as a bunch of 1-1 conversations they need to add to their calendar.

Leaders who truly use a coaching approach each day are not going by the book...

They have developed small but powerful habits and daily practices that enable them to think and act differently... more centered, more agile, more effective.

Now that sounds like even more work doesn’t it??

Yes… and NO!

What you need to do is simple (but maybe not easy).

What if there were 5 Habits we helped leaders incorporate in their daily routine?

Well, I help Leaders acquire these through Leadership Labs

The Result?  Leaders learn to implement coaching skills in simple, authentic ways....

Without a ton of time investment...Without the long painstaking roll out...  

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You have the power to kick overwhelm to the curb today. Find out if Sane and Sustainable Leadership is right for you...

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